Welcome to “A Fine Collection,” an official blog of the Montgomery County Historical Society (MCHS) in Rockville, Maryland!

Meet the MCHS: The Historical Society was founded in 1944, and has been collecting artifacts, books and archival materials for 65 years.  The artifact collections include an incredibly wide variety of objects representing 300-some years of Montgomery County life, including kitchen and household items, agricultural and industrial tools, toys, textiles, weaponry, art, furniture, glass and ceramics, medical instruments… yeah, there’s a lot.  This blog will highlight an artifact from our collections each week (maybe more often, if I’m feeling blog-y; hopefully not less often!). 

Meet your blogger: My name is Joanna Church, and I’m the Director of Collections for the Historical Society.  2009 marks my 10th year working with our fabulous collections.  Like most museums, the majority of our artifacts are not on display at any given time; we have some great stuff with great stories behind them, and hopefully this blog will allow me (us) to share some of those things with a broad audience.  Enjoy!