I knew I spoke too soon in this morning’s post, saying the mystery of the little costume was solved!  On a whim, this afternoon I searched the Washington Post‘s historical database (available free to Montgomery County Public Library members, and possibly through other local libraries as well) for “The Moon King.”  Mrs. Clark’s play was also performed in 1907, 1908, 1915, 1916, and 1942, for various local causes (in 1942, proceeds went to the Montgomery County Civilian Defense Corps, and “Mrs. Roosevelt” – presumably Eleanor – was a sponsor). The 1907 article gives that year’s cast of characters,  including “Curly Locks” played by Dorothy Viett (oops, wrong Dorothy!), but in 1916, Dorothy Clark (part unspecified) is listed among the cast.  In 1916 Dorothy would have been 11, the age noted on the donation paperwork… although I still contend that the costume is awfully small for an eleven year old.

Not quite back to the drawing board, then, but as always there is more to learn. The internet is a fabulous resource (as I have often mentioned; I should make a t-shirt) but with so many new sources being added all the time, I can never rest on my laurels (such as they are), thinking I’ve worked everything out. 

** More fun for image seekers: Coincidentally, the MCHS staff photo used by Jennie Cottrell shows Everette Stratmeyer “dressed to appear in a play” (as stated by the photo’s donor) in the 1910s.  Everette is also listed in the cast of the 1916 performance of Mrs. Clark’s “fairy fantasy,” The Moon King. **