Yesterday’s post in honor of “Movember,” featuring historic Montgomery County moustaches, included a mystery man who chose not to appear in the blog despite repeated attempts on my part.  Let’s see if Mr. Parsly will show up today:

To recap, here is Mr. John Parsly (1851-1927) of Brookeville, with his wife Cornelia, in 1907.   Mr. Parsly was a storekeeper.

Plus, here’s a little more information on Thomas Carroll, yesterday’s too-good-to-pass-up photo.  Thomas G. Carroll was born in 1858 to Thomas (Sr.) and Mary Catherine Griffith Carroll.  His mother was from Laytonsville and his parents married in Montgomery County, but the family appears to have moved to Baltimore shortly thereafter.  It is possible that Thomas Sr. and/or Jr. are part of the Thomas G. Carroll & Son company, makers of Baltimore Rye from the 1870s to the 1910s.