Let’s see if WordPress is in a more photo-receptive mood today.

Success!  Or at least a step further than it got on Wednesday!  So here is the photo that wouldn’t work before: the plaster-on-brick trough that runs along the north wall of the Dairy House.  (The foot-powered grindstone, ca. 1900, was donated by Jean Fisher.)  The ladder at left was probably installed by the Davises (though perhaps replacing an older one) and leads up to the second floor. 

The 1952 photo I used on Wednesday is nice, but here’s a modern view.  The elements have been unkind to our windows and doors; guys from the City of Rockville, which owns the property, are working on new ones (don’t worry, sticklers; the wood and hardware being replaced date from the 1940s/1980s, not 1815).  So here’s another shout-out to the City, and to our fantastic interns (below), for helping us keep the Dairy House in top form!