In honor of Boxing Day (which isn’t really about packaging, but that’s okay) here is a tiny box! . . . and its contents.

matchbox excavator

In 1953 the Lesney Products toy company of England introduced a collection of vehicles designed to fit into replica matchboxes. They called them, honestly enough, the Matchbox series.  Our excavator here is a model 24B, first sold in 1959.  Indeed, the box is only three inches long – nice and tidy.  (The pencil marks are our numbers, FYI.) The diecast metal toy inside has a hinged excavator and rolling wheels, and is marked “Weatherill Hydraulic” – Weatherill was a British manufacturer of life-size hydraulic equipment.

Our little excavator is part of a large donation of toy vehicles (of various sizes, not just Matchboxes) donated to MCHS by Eugenie Riggs of Ashton; they belonged to her youngest son, born in 1946.