The Montgomery County Historical Society was founded in 1944, and has been collecting artifacts, books, photographs and archival materials ever since.  The artifact collections include an incredibly wide variety of objects representing 300-some years of Montgomery County life, including kitchen and household items, agricultural and industrial tools, toys, textiles and clothing, weaponry, art, furniture, glass and ceramics, medical instruments… yeah, there’s a lot.   So much, in fact, that (like most museums) we have far more in storage than is on exhibit at any given time.  That’s part of what this blog is for: to highlight some of those artifacts that have not often (or ever) gotten their time in the metaphorical sun. 

Interested in possibly donating something to our collections?  Visit our website for a short version of our Scope of Collections, and for contact info for yours truly.


3 Responses to “About our collections”

  1. Candace Springer Says:

    A brief comment on Dr. Washington Waters Stonestreet mentioned in connection with the Baumanometer. Dr. E.E. Stonestreet had only one son,Edward, who died at age 21. At that time Washington Waters was just a year old and became very close to his uncle (Edward Elisha Stonestreet). Because of this relationship W.W. Stonestreet decided to become a doctor.
    Candace McDonald Springer
    Granddaughter of Washington Waters Stonestreet.

  2. Linda Fendley Says:

    Your collections are enriching my study of the 19th Century. Thanks for sharing your historical collections!

    1. afinecollection Says:

      You’re welcome – I’m glad you’re finding it useful!

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