A Fine Collection is an official blog of the Montgomery County Historical Society (Maryland), written from June, 2009 to August, 2014 by Joanna Church, Director of Collections.   Hello!   The purpose is to share some of our artifact collections with a broad audience, which will hopefully encourage people to visit us, research our collections, and think about their own artifacts in a new way.

I tried each week to tell you not only what we know about the object, but also how we know it.  The story of each artifact doesn’t end with its donation to the Historical Society; our own interactions with it are part of the tale, and this blog allows some of these stories – which are often out of place in a formal exhibit – to be told.  Enjoy!

p.s. The name of the blog comes from the early days of MCHS, in the late 1940s, when donations were accepted at the monthly Society meetings.  Recording Secretary Mary E. (Mrs. Rudolph) Bopp often noted that “a fine collection” of such-and-such artifacts had been donated.


-This blog is not a place to find information about monetary value of items, nor will comments offering to sell a similar piece be approved.

-Photographs, current and historic: These images were donated to our collections. Some may have copyright restrictions. If you are a non-commercial blogger and want to repost an image, please respect both the original donors and the Society by crediting the image to the Historical Society, and link back to us if you can. If you want to use any image for commercial or other purposes, please contact our Library to inquire about reproductions. Thank you!

-Links within posts are not endorsements of products or services.