plumb bob 1940s






It’s only the third week of this blog, and already I’m running a little late with the mid-week post!  That’s not a good sign.  However in my own defense it has been a busy week at MCHS, with the launch of our new Montgomery Connections project ( – you know you want to visit!) and the take-down of my (our) big wedding exhibit.  The rest of the summer’s schedule should allow for more timely posts.

On to the artifact.  This is a surveyor’s plumb bob with belt sheath, used by Charles T. Jacobs while working for H.M. White Surveys in 1945.  Mr. Jacobs, the donor, was a “rod and chain man” (his words) for the surveying company the summer between graduating from high school and joining the Army.  He worked on the first surveys for Route 240, now better known as I-270.  

Charles Jacobs was a long-time, dedicated MCHS volunteer.  He was an expert on the Civil War, but was also a font of information about local county history – both he and his wife were from old County families – and no matter what my exhibit was about, Charles could be counted on to supply some fabulous artifact, photograph or document.  I think he was somewhat amused by my interest in 20th century (i.e., his own) history, but he was willing to humor me by donating wonderful pieces like this one.  Unfortunately, Charles Jacobs passed away in 2008, but we will be using his donations in future exhibits.  Thanks for all your help over the years, Charles!